CBB61 2uF 630VAC Wired
CBB61 8uF 450VAC Wired
CBB61 8uF 630VAC Wired
CBB61 9uF 500VAC Wired
CBB61 250VAC 10uF
CBB61 350VAC 10uF
CBB61 450VAC 10uF
CBB61 300Vac 11uF 23*37*58
CBB61 250VAC 12uF
CBB61 300Vac 12uF 58*22*36
CBB61 300Vac 12uF 85*40*28 Wired
CBB61 300Vac 12uF 22*36.5*58
CBB61 450Vac 12uF 58*25*41
CBB61 550VAC 12uF
CBB61 300Vac 13uF 23*37*58
CBB61 15uF 350VAC
CBB61 15uF 350VAC Wired
CBB61 15uF 450VAC
CBB61 300Vac 16uF 58*30*42
CBB61 350Vac 16uF
CBB61 350Vac 16uF 4 Pin
CBB61 250VAC 17uF
CBB61 250Vac 20uF 48*22*34
CBB61 300Vac 20uF 58*30*42
CBB61 450Vac 20uF 73*40*53
CBB61 450Vac 22uF 73*40*53
CBB61 400Vac 23uF 85*40*28 Wired
CBB61 250VAC 24uF
CBB61 300Vac 24uF 85*40*28 Wired
CBB61 300Vac 24uF 58*30*49
CBB61 350Vac 24uF 73*40*53
CBB61 24uF 350VAC
CBB61 300VAC 25uF 58*30*49
CBB61 25uF 350VAC Wired
CBB61 300Vac 26uF 58*30*49
CBB61 300Vac 27uF 85*40*28 Wired
CBB61 350VAC 28uF Wired
CBB61 300Vac 30uF 58*30*49 Wired
CBB61 250VAC 35uF 58*30*49 wired
CBB61 300Vac 35 uF 58*30*49
CBB61 350Vac 35 uF 68*36*49
CBB61 300Vac 40uF 57*38*54
CBB61 350Vac 45 uF 73*40*53

CBB61 Capacitor Specs

Generator Run Capacitor

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CBB60 Capacitor

CBB60 250VAC 4uF Safe Light

CBB60 450VAC 4uF

CBB60 450VAC 8uF

CBB60 450VAC 10uF

CBB60 300VAC 11uF

CBB60 250VAC 12uF Safe Light

CBB60 450VAC 12uF

CBB60 300VAC 13.5uF

CBB60 450VAC 15uF

CBB61 300VAC 16uF

CBB60 450VAC 16uF

CBB60 300VAC 18uF

CBB60 250VAC 20uF Safe Light

CBB60 450VAC 20uF Motor

CBB60 300VAC 25uF

CBB60 450VAC 25uF

CBB60 300VAC 35uF

CBB60 300VAC 40uF

CBB61 450Vac 24uF 1/4 round

CBB61 450Vac 28uF 1/4 round

CBB61 350Vac 45uF 1/4 round

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