Rodent Control

Rats and Squirrels

Protect your property from rodent damage

Buzz Bulb and Ultrasonic Buzz Bulb can be installed in a regular light bulb fixture to run continuosly.
RV Rodent Protection
We have a 40-foot motor home (RV), which is stored in a building
when not in use. Despite our efforts to make the building mouse, rat
and squirrel proof and with the addition of many so called "electronic
rodent repellers", we incurred considerable damage each and every
winter season. Our lowest repair bill was approximately $1000.
Three years ago we installed six of your audible Buzz Bulbs, two in
the driver's area, two more mid-way in the RV and the last two in the
bathroom. Not a hint of pest entry!
I failed to plug in your units when the travel season ended last fall. In
early March of this year, we were about to take a trip when, I
discovered the RV had become the resident of both a rat and a
squirrel. Five weeks in the shop and a bill of almost $8000 to replace
wiring harnesses, air lines, rubber window seals and a hydraulic
hose. The misses was NOT happy.
Having six consecutive years of damage prior to using the Buzz
Bulbs, then two joyous years without a sign of entry followed by the
last winter's catastrophe, I'm putting my money that says the Buzz
Bulb's do indeed work. With the new shipment arriving, I can install
Buzz Bulbs on the outside of the RV for additional insurance. Best
return on my investment that I have ever made.
Best Regards, Ron
Scroggins, Texas

New  inventions lets you use light and ultrasound to scare away nuisance animals
Light and ultrasound together are more effective at ridding your yard of intrusive animals than using just light or just ultrasound alone.

The "BUZZ BULB" is a new ultrasonic alarm you add to your outdoor motion detector light system. With the BUZZ BULB the combination of light and ultrasonic waves frightens away trespassing wildlife.

How does it work?

The BUZZ BULB screws into a light socket of a motion detecting light fixture, just like a regular light bulb. However instead of giving off light, when triggered, it emits a 23 megahertz ultrasonic alarm.

Used by the Arizona Game and Fish Department

In a comprehensive one-year test by the Arizona Game and Fish Department, the BUZZ BULB proved to be effective in keeping away large wildlife from targeted areas.

The benefits of the Buzz Bulb

When used in a motion detector light system, the Buzz Bulb scares away unwelcome animals such as deer and raccoons from gardens and trash cans. The combination of both light and ultrasonic frequency has proven in tests to be far more effective than just ultrasound in frighting wildlife.