Burglary Prevention

Rodent Protection

Annoying Neighbor

Sometimes it pays to make noise.

Let your neighbors know when there is movement on your property.

Simple cheap security system
Add Sound to your motion detector
Buzz Bulb is a patented device produced in the USA
Buzz Bulb
Sound Security
Try it for yourself
110 V BuzzBulb $25.99 S&H $8.00

Replacement with returned bulb and sales receipt.

Try this sound bulb for added security, shaped like a light bulb pictured above.
By replacing one of your motion detector light bulbs with the buzz bulb you can turn your motion detector into an 88-94 decibel sound alarm.
Now you have light and sound.
Just screw it in, that's all there is too it.
Add extra security to warehouse, garage, storage area, garden
Deter burglars and prowlers , and animals.
Visually impaired warning device
Add security do dangerous areas like swimming pools.
Can be used indoor and outdoor

Warning This device emits an irritating whistle, may not be suitable for all areas.

Underwriters Laboratories
UL Listed #4K23
Buzzbulb is Underwriters Laboratories listed and intended to be used with UL listed fixtures.

Mefast is the US Wholesale distributor for Buzz Bulb
This device retails for $39.95
Contact mefast for dealer pricing and sample unit.

70,000 Buzz Bulbs sold by mail order catalogs and internet sales.
We are expanding to include retail and wholesale outlets.

Retail units now sold at Northerntool.com

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Buzz Bulb

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S&H $8.00

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